Armitage Associates invests alongside outstanding owner operators of growing, profitable businesses across Australia and New Zealand.

We actively partner with companies, working closely with founders and leveraging the extensive Armitage network to support growth.

We are fortunate to have long-term, patient capital and adopt a long-term ownership mentality.

What we are looking for:

– An owner operator seeking $5-20mn in capital and a partner to jointly develop and execute on a growth plan

– Companies generating between $2-10mn of profit with an Australia / New Zealand head office

What we offer:

– We won’t want to tell you how to run your company…
…but we are active partners, with a strong network providing you with active input and resources to help   facilitate growth

– We bring capital to the table for growth…
…and we won’t invest in your business unless we can bring something else of value to the table other than just capital.

– We can provide liquidity for you to ‘take some money off the table’ and de-risk today…
…. and we are flexible with how much of the business we own – we don’t want to own 100% of the business, and we are happy to own a minority stake

– Like you, we want to generate a return…
….and we want to take a long-term view on growing the business, we don’t have a fixed investment horizon and we don’t want to burden the business with significant levels of debt.

– We have significant, committed capital from some of Australia’s most successful families, entrepreneurs and operators…
….and our team invests in each investment as well


Our Team 

Our team, investors, and broader network include some of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs and business owners.

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Our Portfolio  


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